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some football? football? the majjr hurdle cleared.. & avens will report to work... and theefirst players to be let go y the team. ------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- thunderstorms roll through maryland... taking some heat with them.if tte showers will bring an end to thiss hhatwave... in my skywatch forecast. -------------------------------------- ---- heated up... ovvr ccol air. the b-g-e program 3 conditioners during he heatwave... tte changes that could be cominn from he utility... and how the pubbic perviie commission might get involved..-3 - accusations of abuse in thee 3 system. 14:13:28) "nobody wanttsa child molestor nexx door to em....""- em...." the 3 state knew it was going on. &pon.hello, i'm jeff 3 barnd...and 'm jennifer gilbert p3
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3 for 133 days,, hee -f-l has been effecttvely out of business... 3 but... it... came to an end today.../ áásportsáá director... bruce cunningham.../ says .../ the...n-f-l... has... to scramble... to get it's act ttgether../ together../ of the 133 ays, it seems he last 6 or so have been the hardest....very day it seemed, we heard that the lockout was about to be lifted..and every day, there was ome reason why &pit wasn't..todaa. ity was all llid o rest... 3 3 playerrrepresenatives from all 33 nfl teams voted unanimously this afternoon to agree to a - new collective baragining agreement, which is set to run por 10 years,,insuuing almoot unprecedented labor peace in pro owners last agents ann draft picks can now be negotiated with and training camps will open later ttis week, in the ravens case, thii weddesdayyat their owings mills after a 3 football news, at leest the kind that's mmde on the ffeld, pro football is finally back - in businnss
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& 3 ""aving a 10-yeer agreement is 3 game, buu most importantly our fans. everybody worked hard, everybooy had a passion, and everybody believes in this game of foottall and what we -3 can do to make our game better. and i think this agreement is going to make our - 3 the new greement brings with pit a salary ap of 120,4 million, and the ravens cleared almost 20 million in spaae toiniggt by cutting fourr well known pllyers...prrminent among them is the ravens' derrick masonn...and if's that - not shocking enough, thee also 3 3 as a result of the new agreemenn and the salary cap ittbrings with it, the ravens 3& two offtheir better known players...full details coming 3310 and 1 pm...back to you... 3 since the midd90's westminster has pulled out all he stops to host the ravens training camp and thousands of fans who
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come to watch. watch. but.../ because... of the lockkut.../ ááitááá won't be... in westminster this year...// & year.../. áájaniceáá &t bank stadium.../ &pto... tell us.../ how for... tte economy... and morale. morale.the ields at mcdaniel college aae empty...the seaas in diners are emmty.because of & the uucertainty with the camm has been mooed closer to home to owings mills...which is wheee the ravens arreheadquartered. the facility is too small to house fans...which is a huge blow for the more thaa 100 thousand fans who came outtto -3 watch last year. year. -3&p3 in westminster...instead of day one of training's empty...with stephen moore circling an - empty field: & 3 "this time last year, i wouldn't be able to get down -3 here"moore relooated heree..because his fammly works for the ravens: ""here's a range of emotions, to peopleereally uuset, to people ddwnright depressed, to 3&pjust takk their kids here, wass so local and cooo and unique and they've missed out this year"
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year""to give you an dea of how many fans would have filled this grass,,lasttyear p00,000 fans came to see their week trrining caap"because of -3 the uncertainty with the nfl - caap will now start wednesday in owings mills.dealiig a hugeeblow to & businesses in this small town...who normally banked on - profits:"last year we'd have pxtra staff, if he training camp was goinn on, as you can 3 duriig training camp...lines are out theedoor at the plum & crazz it's empty ssats: seaas:"yea esppcially ssnce you had a lot oo kids working here, that xtrr money really & did help"for the waitssaff...they'll miss the tips...but mmrr so the memories: -3 memoriess"very sad, i'll -3 missing going out on ssturday's to see them practice"ffr the people of westminster and histtrian kennett shook... shook..."this picture as
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3 they all trained here aa wwstern college"they & sayy..there'ssallays next year:3&pthey're justtwonderful, wonderful memooies" 3 foo ddsappoiinee 3 there that theeteaa may have pome open practices here at -3 m&t bank stadiim...but so wwrd yet if that iss actually gging tt happen.we stadium, janiceepark fox 45 - news at ten. 3 3 after... a... weekend... of hot and humid temperatures... / áátodayáá we dealt... with heavy rainn and lightniig. lightting.ááraináá ááraiiná this the scene earlier today at the inner harbor.. you usinggumbrellas jackets or even a sweatshirt to avoid getting wet. 3 a very serious sittation for a famiiy in northwest baltimorr.... 3 forced... out of ptheir home... by a lightning strike.../. áákeithááá
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daniels... here.../ p with... some..../ uneasy moments for neighbors .../ keith. and jennifer...... quick actioo from a neighbor - may ave helped ppevent a & total loss to the home... .................. when lightning struck.... several crews responded to the call for help.. during a severe storm..... storm..... baltimore ciiy firefighters arrived just before 3 o''lock monday afternoon...... they fouud fire burning on the roof... & water on the treeáááá -3 .........and a tree in flames too......(ms. richberg) "my &pdog and my cat is -3 missing!"..............tonya richberg's home...... struck by happened on ddvall avenue near denison street.. where neighbors say at the time of the stormm. there was fieece &pthunder and lightniig....(ms. mays/victim'' sister) "and the - stated that she heard it, she -3 heard the big boom and everything.... -3 ..........jenniferr bennett.......(ms. bennett) "enough to kill a flock of 3 acrrss he street from &prichberg's home.... wicked weather blow 3 home, up in smoke......shee
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called 9-1-1.(mss bennett) "the flames didn't start until just after the firemen got here. but it was smoke.. you couldn't hardly see all the way frommhere to the next corner.."(ms. bennett) "it was frightening, scared me to deaah nearlyyto death. i really thought it had sttuck &pmy house.. buu i thinkkthe antennas on the roof blocked a lot of lightning..." ............fortunately,no &phome...................but she could not hold back tears after learningghhr dog and cat wereemissing..... members had to conssle her.(ms. mmys) "our pnimals are part of the family.. you know you have tte &pcat that lays in the bed, you know the dog eats right from us.. they're part of thh family."(ms. bennett) "the good ssde is nobody was homee and it didn'ttdestroo too many thingg.. and that someeody was paying attention around the block to the lightning.." 3 family members are helping family members tooight
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with a temporary place to - live................and & another good side to the ssory...............ww're told the pets have been found.... safe.. keith daniels, foxx44 nees at ten. 3 many of you.../ & had... the best vvew... of what.../ was... & going on this afternoon afternoonreginald wolfe of randallstown sent us this pictureeit's shht from 3 the water there was so high... it was almost going over the -3 bridge. 33 ...aad... - michelle... ellman.../ sent us ...this picture from sykesville.../.áátheáá water... rose... incredibly high... there, too../.ááhalfwayáá -3&pup... the wheell on these ccrs... / near... the &psykesville 3 ii you see news, see it, pictures and vvdeos to fox--- ballimore dot onnthe see it shoot it send it icon. or send photos from your ceel & phone to "pics at fox-baltimore dot com" -3 3 60-senior citizens in east baltimore woke up monday morning to "day--four" f swelterrng heat inside apartments without aii condtiooing. as kathleen cairns reportt... theecooling unit broke last week and the building manager couldn't ind
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a 'fast fix'. for days... broadway court apartments in east baltimore 3& (howard) i can hrdly.. breath.. right noo..."howard is 'on' oxygen.... and the air conditioningghas been 'off'.. for days howard)"" cant even stay in here right now...ts too hot right now..wheee" the temperaturr iismore than 100- degrees:(howard dabney))oh it is..over 100"across the hall: (lady)"i cannnt stand this.. - im on oxygen.."janice's apartment is 94 egrees: (lady))im hopinggthey fix this air conditioning..cause i have nnt been able to sllep..." (cairns)"a ot of the residents are trying to seek - relief in the hallways where ttere is ooe aar coming ouu.. but it's still ninety-one degrees..doris: howwareeyou surviving?(doris replies) "the best i can.. i have a fan but its not blowing nothhnggbut hot airr"(sherretta hearn-
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best.. its frustrating.. very frustratinn "sheretta hearn is thh property manager: and -& says when he air conditioniig -& repair companies were cclled.. ut because offthe heat wave site until today:(sherretta hearn-manager)"the only thing i can ssy attthis timm is its aawaiting game for me" maan residents sought relief in the lobby... where friends share &ptteir frustration... and pome fans:(voiie only) (howard)"ii past mmd..yeah.. & in east balt kc ox 45 nnwssat 10 3 tonight the broadway courts property managment tells us the air connitioning has been & ffxed.. but it would take the apartments in the buildinn. -3 3 3 two men ... are... behind bars.../ in connection... with the double shooting... in 3 3 33 police say... - p7-year-old... ryannmclean.../ and... 18-year-old el--rich smith.../ 3 at... libertyyand chapel-dale roads.../
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aaound... 5 unday..../ áátheáá victims .../ 17-year--od... katelyn 3&pdied... at shock trauma...// áá22áá -year-old... darnell hill.../ is... n serious condition.../. áámcleanáá and ...smith... are charged wwth... first degree mirder.../ and attempted murder. -3 3 the man who police say trred to kill his ggrlfriend last 3 with the help of a fox45 viewer. 3 we aired this picture of dante &pwilliams last night on fox45 newssat ten.a viewer called aathorittes to them knoo where he was. williims is charged - wwth attempted murdee of his 27-year old girlfrrend. &ppolice say he tried to kill her by pushing her out of a moving vehiihle aaong i-95 3 3"police couldn't really o hell ann we rely on that help everyyay o solve crimes and bring riminals toojustice""- justice"the victim is xpected to make a full recovery.. williams is being held at the bbltimore county detention center. you can ffght backkagainst crime. if you havv a tip.. or you'd like to share how you're keeping theestreets safe...
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callloor "fighhing baak" hotliie.. 410-662-1456. p3 3 a... baby.../ who... vanished ffommbaltimore ffiday.../ is... found today.../ at... a ...d-c bus stop...// ...the teenager... who was psked.../ to... care for the hild. justice reporter... joy lepola... says...// it's... still uuclear... why the childd.. was... taken to... washington. &pwashington. 3 ((pkg))11:30::3 hugging no more wonnering or worrying for ki'yauhn birch.11:31:46 (dad) he's alright though. we got him ack. we got hii back though charlle birch last aw his son friday. he asked a - friend of aafriend to keep an eye on the hild while he steppee ut to buy somee 3 reelly thouggt i could truut her. early this mornnng fter missing for more than two dayss.. police ound 166year -3 old jonae boozer and ki-yauhn - atta bus stop in northeast washington. a caller notified police on thhir wherabouts after recognizing &pthe two.(aunt) 11:37:19 family facebook. were just happy the
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baby's home and safe. (greatt granddother) 11:41;20 it could have turned out worst. i'' happy this is a lesson learned yyu cannt trust everybody. for birch's father... he just pants to holl his son again. hug and kiss and tell im i'm - sorry to leeve im with ttis crazy girl.11:37:38 (aant) 11::7:38 i just hope she gees & the help shh needs police took boozer in for questioning. medics took for familyy.. it' s the ending weren't sure would be answered. 11:36:43 (noo sure if this is cleen audio) it's like a dreamm pome true. ome home to me 3 back unharmed. 3:19:411(mom) & my son is fine othing is & wrong wiih him. i just wwnt to - thann everyone they brought mm son home safe. in edmondson &pvillage 3 sttte workers...
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stopped... by the home.../ of... the child's mmther.../ áánoáá one... was there.../. áánoáá charges... hhveebeen filed... against boozer. 3 (sot::jonathan goldberg)"i havee't had even the smallest recurrence of anything other phan stiffness for over eiggt yearr now.. 3&p trratments... helpedd his the other things... its good for.......aad... tte times... you should stick.../ tt....traddtional treatments...later on fox45 news at ten 3 (14:13:28) "nobody wants a child molestor next em...." accusationssof abuse &in the foster care ystem.../ shhuul the state... have 3 p3 a program desigged to conserve energy... but some b-g-e customerssare heated -3 eeplain... cominggup. 3
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3&pb-g-e sayy it's 3 reviewing its "peak rewards" ppogramm... after getting complaintt from customers whh were llft ithout air conditioninn on ne of the hootest days in decades. decades. some... were ássá heated.../// áátheyáá -3 called... to restore service..../ áábutáá melinda roeder... reports,.../ the... ppogram...// successfully... avoided blaccouts..../// bbackouts..../// ááshe'sáá live....-3 at.../ b-g-e headquarters... downtown...// downtown...//to bb clear, peak rewards is a voluntary -3 program... which means customers sign up forrit. plecting to have their a-c power levels... during 33 a rebaae for their troubles... 3&pprint. others felt b-g-e siiply took the reductions too far. faa. 3 18:21:45 "righttacrrss the top it reed savingss"shari knauth
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(ke-nowt) noticed her hhme ggtting unnomforttbly hot. &p18:14:22 "at 4:00, i thought it's really arm upstairs." when she realized herrairrwas cycling at aareduced level to - save energy.... she remembered -3 the peak ewarrs proggam... & and ffgured she'd just waii it out.18::4:50 "i signed up for this hing. it's a great concept.... sevennhours llter we figured out what happened next."sevee hhurs. that's how loog it took for the a-c to kickkon again.accorrinn to b-gg e... it was an mergency cutback.18:10:15-25 "we believe our proggam is stiil sommthing thaa our cussomers want. e know that the progrm works ii terms of .. 660 megawatts."conserving energy was key to avoiding blackouts and brownoutssbut ome customerr feellb-g-e tooo it too fr.many expecced to be without air for only a short time.18:15:38 "and i thought hours would be ok, not even." now... b-g-e is in the hot seat.... having to explain... to some heated
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customers what happened.and remiid hem, howw the program worrs.but some still aren't satisfied. 18:11:00-11 "we had about 2500 customers who've called to -&pwithdraw... 1300 customerr who've called to change their level of enrollment."peak rewards parricipannssget rebates of up to 200 dolllrs a yyar... aad ggt to choose their level of cyccing reduccions... ranging from 50 to 100 percent.shari siined up -3 at the highest level... so & keeping her cool on riday... - was a struggle.18:16:46--9 "so we put on some fann. i closed thh blindd. ... ate some pooler food"now.. b-g-e is trying to keep everyone is conteet in tth future.... & 18::9:03-211"we are reaching out... sending letttrss.. you can go down to a lower level or you can withdraw rom the program." but some ssy they would've justtappreciated a heads up...18:19::8 "some kind - of public announccment proabbly would'vv made people feel better.""- 3 3 accooding to b-g-e,they only &phad about an hour's notice -3 from the folls who rrn the
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& regional powee grid. they were told they had to shut doiwn. and didn't hhve ttme, - they say to notify all 450-thousand participants in the downtown, 3 ten. 3 3 we asked:aae you uuset with how bge handled this proggam? ááthisáá wasn't even are... livid...// livid...//cheryl wrote:yes, we were affected. it wws 90 degrees in a ouse ttat the phermostat was set ffr 8 degrees! degrees!crysttl also on for over 6 ours. it was almost 90 degrees in mm apartmeet! 3 o... to baltimore dot com.../ . áátelláá us... what ou thhnk.../..áásoundáá off... thru us... a tweet.../// 3 tonight.../ at 11. &p
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3 ssmm ssarr moments pn iterstate 95 earlyythis afternoon. afternoon.sooeone threw what firefiggters are calling ann "acid bomb" at construction workers. hazardous materials crewss responded. it happened onni-99 ear the o'donnell street exitt responded. no one was urt.. and no on has been arrested. 3 the bbltimore policc department needs help finding two teenagers suspected of starting a fire at a store in southeasttbaltimore. investigators released thhs surveillance video... hoping tooget some 3 p it happened saturday nighh on east fairmounn avvnue near north patterson park avenuee police think the teens ignited phat might have been a t-shirt - and put it near a wooden storage building. caused about 4-thousand dollars damage. -3 if you have information.. call baltimore city police. 100-thousand signatures... aree... certified... in a campaign.../ to overturn ... the law ... allowing in-state tuition... t maryland colleges.../áájohnáá there's...á - anotherá... controversial issue.../ p that.. .may take the - route./
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3 it was a grassroots campaign 3 lawwopponents f that bill tte discounted in-state &&ptuition at maryland colleges...collected more than 100-thousand signatures. get the issue on the baaloo. and some state lawmakers...saythat may not be phe onnyyissue that maryland voters decide next year. "i will sponsor egislation that protects religious freedom.""- governor o'malley says he will activvly campaign to legalize same sex arriage.the bill was earlierrthis year...but it &pfailedto pass in the house. now...opponents say if that billis enacted next yearr..they plan to petition ii.... to referrndum. (glenn) "whaa i believe we should do with issuesslike same sex marriage, with illegal pmmiggation is what we did wwth slots, when you have controversial issues, let the & peepleedecidee"some lawmakers
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creeit the internet for tte huge number of petttions &psubmitted. but others.... saa ii was he iisue itselfthat drew... so much attentionn (mcdonough) "it was a hot button iisue and the passion and outrage regarding an issue ii whaa will be the driving force in the fuuure not matter what the issue is."delegate --3 pat mcdonnugh.... believes the success of ttis petition drive...will give citizens 3 other laws. mcdonough) "the people n this state may not all be conservativvs but -3 phey're mainstream moderate people to a greet eetent and they do not want this aggnda pnd the only way they can fight back is with this petition."and delegate -3& mcdonough...preddctss.. petition drives like this future plections. john ryddll, fox 45 news at ten. 3 the... 3considering.../ legaa action...// against... thh... in-state... tuition.../ 3 3 a state lawmaker.. facing ccse against hii thrown out. &&pput. attorneys for ulysses currie told a judge today hatta state aw regarding what lawmakers can do for companies
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they work ffo is vague... and charges shhuld be dismissed. currie s accused of using his innllence to benefit shoppers ffod warehouse. he stepped down from his poot as chaarmannoofthe state - seeate budget and taxation committeee... but he is still in office. 3 33 ameriia is just days away from defaulting onnits debt....and with the stakes so highh.. nd the eadline so close...preeident barack obama and speaker of the house john boehner took to the irwaves tonight...ccaig boswwll tells 3&ppuulic & p3 boswell ays (oncam intto): "lawmakers have 7 days to agree on deficit reduccionn and vote to aiseethe debt ceiling,,after months of -3 deadlocked talls tte top pepublican in the house andd -3 the top democrat in the senate today unveiled new competiig pllns prompting the resident obama says the nation'' economy is at risk and warned republicans they must - compromise and not insist on short term increasee in the
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3 "republicannhouse meebers have eeseetially said that the nly 3 america's first-ever default is if the rest oo us agree to tteir deep, ssending cutt-only approach." while -3 attacking a gop lannput forward today he fell ssorr of & endorssng thh democratic proposal also unveiled earlier. obama says: "i think that's a &pmuch better path, although serious deficit reduction - would still require us to tackll the tough challenges of entitlement and ttx reform." ssnate aaooity leader harry reid's plan does not -3 innlude tax increasss as the presidentthas called for, but it does raise he debt ceiling by ore thaa 2 trillion - extending it until 2013.reid says: "republicans' short-term plan is a non-starter in the senate and - in the white house." - n dueeing press conferences todaa both meassres wwre torn to shreds bb the pposing parties. hoose speaker john boehnnr calling the reid plan a gimmick boehner says: "anddit -3 doesn't deal with the biggest - drivers of our deficct ann our & debt, and hat ould be 3 boehher's planncuts one-point 2 trillion and extends the
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3 year.. thhre are no taa iicreases and while it caps future spending ittrequires a - balaaced budget amendment votee py the end of the year. jjst minutes after the president.boehner says: "the sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check six mmnths ago, and he wants a - blann cceck today. that is just not goong to happen." boswell says (oncam tag): "pressdent obama says the -33 house gop plan will not pass continued stalematt and a greater chance the nation's triple -a credit raaing could 3 2nd deadline nears. ii washington craiggboswell fox news." 3&pconstruccion for the baltimore grand prrx takes a ew turn today &ptodaythh road work is done... po this evening...wwrkers placed the coonerstone of the pacetrack wwll... near the intersection of pratt ann light streets at the inner harborthe baltimore grand prix takes place labor day weekend. 3& we dii get a downpour this afternoon. afternoon. 3 is it enuf... to bring down - those temps? temps?
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3 hhre's chief meteorologist vytas reid with a lookkat he skywatch forecast 3 3 3 be ii charge of
10:29 pm
3& your own forecastt áái-raaaráá..././ is now availaale at foxbaltimoree & dot com..ááussáá...// the interactiie tools to & track coming storms down tt & your street. áágoáá... to foxbbltimorr dot com slash i-radar 3 find outtif this couule ii successsul... hunting bigfoot... later on -3 fox45 news at tee ((4:13:28) "nobody wants a child molestor next door to em...." em...." accusatioos of pbuse... in the foster care system.../ the man accused...// and....if the state... áknewá... it was going on.
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there are a little more - than eight-thousand foster childree in maryllnd who are under the supervision of the departtent of social services. recent arress ...of an area foster father.../ is... raising... a llt of questions....aboot the ássfftyá of marylands... foster children.../. ááináá tonnghts cover - story,,/ jeff abell... invvstigates the case... of sex abuse.. on the eastern shore..... shore..... -3& 3 (long ground in this sleepy cornnr of wicomico couutt..... life used to lately..... (13:28:11) ""ithhught those people were up and up...." its been --3& simply isturbing... (14:13::8) "nobbdy ants a child mollstor next dooo to em...." it wass17-years
10:33 pm
ago, when the ccmmunity of mardelaasprings wellomed a new &neighbor. the merritt family settled on this ten-acres offlandd and soon, stephen merritt and hii wife were volunteering at tte local fire department. and it asnn' long before their home beeame a fostee & their ddor to some f the most fragill hildren in hee state..... giving them tte promise of a chance..... 3 thought it was a ggod thing but then when i find out...." in maach, neighbbrss ere stunned whhn police aided the - farm and hauled stephen merritt to he county llck- up.... he's charged with -3 sexually abusing the very children hh was ssppooed to be proteccing.... ourt documenns describe a decade of 3 age 12. in oneecase a 13- year old told police that a month after arriving at the farm....merritt entered his beeroom, placed his hand under his shortt and fondled him. it would bb the first of a number of lleged attacks..... wich sooetimee occurred at other times, inna wood shop behind he home. so far,
10:34 pm
placed at this farm....allegee -3&pthey were abused at ttis farm. merritts ncle, traay 3 also aacused of abuse. (14:13:13) (insley) "i heard compllints about kids being bad but maybe they have a reason nnw...." neighbor david innley is thh ffrmer council president who can't undeestand why nooone poticed signs of abuse....eepeccally the workers t 'mennor 3 places children at tte farm...and is chhrged with routinely nspeccing it. (14:11:02) (inslly) "because they'rr lltting em do it. &pthey're nnt watching over them. if hey were it wouldn't go on. here's been quite a fee years this has been goinn on..." & (13:07:38) (abell) "mentor marylanddis a child placement -3 agency which is paii by the &pstate for every chill it ffnds 3 now mmntor-maryland....and foster father stephen merritt are named in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. an attornee representing two of the alleggd vvctims claimss
10:35 pm
notified about "allrmmng grievances against the defendant".....but placee the children there anyway.... (11:23::2)) (attorney) safely place these chhldren in a safe environment and & supervise and monitor them appropriately. mentor maryland failed to do that n multiple occcsions...." soo faa, maryland's department of social services hicc contracts with mentor maryland....doesn't now how many of the state's ostte children have lived at the farm. (audit drops nats?) innfact, an audit of the department of social services, that -s-s cculd only ensure that a little more than 699 percent offfoster children in maryland re safe from aause and neglectt (13:31:24) 3 people should be replaced by pomebody whoocares about -3 ccildren. thhy obviously pretty quiet here on the faam. the twoofosttr fathers are -3 awaiting trial in jail...
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(13::9:59) "i'd like to see em castrate em...." all tte fostee children are gone too..... they're in 3 for a chaace.. jeef abell, fox 44, news at tenn 3 a ... spokeswoman &psays ...the department of sooiil services.../ was... never aware... of allegations... of abuse.. at the farm. farm. no oneewith mentorr mmrrland was avaiiable for -& comment. 3 3 in norway, they're burying the dead... this -3 after the horrific terror attacks...// we'll... - take you to oslo... next 3
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3 3
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3 an... emotional 3 vvgil.../ in... frrnt f -3 oslo ...cathedral.../ in norway...// 3 the... rain... didn't stop hundreds off people.../ from gathering... to honor.../ he victims,,, of friday's,,, bomb attack,,,. aad,,, island ,,,shooting spree...//. ááatáá - least... 76--people... are dead...// áámoreááá than... 0... wounded. ...// say.... it ...hits - hard,.../ áábecauseáá they're... a tight pnit... community. 3
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3 norum says, " we re just five knows each other and had some shocking thaa oneeof our ownn cctizens could do somethhng like this." this.. 3 the suspect's... lawyee sayss.../ his client... wanted to trigger.... a... nti-muslim... revoluuion .../ in... norway. 3 the trouble is growing forroregon congresssan davvd wu. democratic leaderr nancy pelosi is calling or an ethics investigaaion into young woman last year. wu hass said thht he doesn't plln to resign, buttis now said to be weighing hhs options with hiss pamily and his attorney.he has oreggo neespaaer reporters that wu has told staffers ttat the encounter & was consensual.wu has been phe past---that includee sending this picture f himself in a tiger costume to a staff mmmber.
10:44 pm
3& the shock.../ has yett.. to wear-off...// ver... tte ddath of singer... amy winehouse./ winehouse./ fathhr... greeted mourners... laying flowwrs... outside her... north london home... monday, .../ hours before... police... mortem.../ on... the singers deeth..../ &páááitcháá... -3 winehouse... thanked peoole... for coming toolly bouquets.../ notee..../ áááinehoussáá died... at age results are 3 most people... have heard... of tte leggnn... 3 bigfoot....hhre's one couplee in california....actually lookinggfor him him bob and cathy strainn psy that noise... was from ábigfootáto hunt bigfoot, they use the rig on this truck4 big speakers......on full blast... playing that sound... hopiig sasquaach will stirr 3 iq: the goal is o ccll-blast oq: all thh way down fr miles piles ,3 that night... hey were huuting in stanislaus natiooal
10:45 pm
forress... about 80 miles southeast f sacramento.they say there have bben a lot oo sightings in the area....but that night, they had no luck 3 3 (sot: jonathan goldberg)"i haven't had even the smallest recurrence offanything other yeers now." now."optional.../ trratments... helped this man... avoid bacc surgery.../ the other ttings... its good for.../...aan... tte times... you should sticc...// to... traditional treatmenns...laterron fox45 news at ten 3 her feet were swollen and puffy and the bottom had pus &pcoming out of it - 3&pthe surprising thing thaa can causeesuch a seeious injury to a baby.and it ccmes from the unsuspecting motter.
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
3 head... could cause serious neeborn. it's called hair tourniquet happensswhen even a siigle strand of hair.... -3 gets wrapped around a baby's poeeor happenee to 3- month -old norah saed. er -3mom says - she was inconsolable.when she pulled off a ppirrof pink socks ... -3 3 kimberly grubb says: "her feet were swollen anddpuffy and the pottom had pus coming out of
10:49 pm
iiti saw strands of haar - but i didn't know if it waa string from thread or what not." pot."danielle grren says: "the -all i can say - if we haae had to go he operaaing room and they would have had to put her to sleep to get it offf- it was definitely an emergencyy" purprisingly strong..nd it can get wrapped into babb's clottes inn he washing machine. p 3 the... anthony 3 is... caussng... social po... think... before posting online. online. a.... maristt.. college poll.../ 3 about... their online regret ...something ...they posted..../ áámoreááá men... than women... say.../ they sent something... on-line.../ and... wished they -3&ppadd't.../. ááoveráá 3 pedda.../ llke... facebook and twitterr../ -3 do... mmre harm than 3 3 .the ravens say ggodbye to some of their ll-time
10:50 pm
greatss.. see who got cut oncc tte lockout was lifted... 3 (sot: jonnthan goldberg)"i haven't had even the smallest reccrrence of anythiig other thaa stiffness for over eight years now." now."alternative treatments hhlped this man avoid bacc surgerythe other hinns its good for......and the times you should sttck to traditional on fox45 neww at ten 3
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
3 million mericcnsstry alternative tterapies... succ as acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. 3 put... how helpful are they? patrice harris... hhs the answer.../ in tonight''... consumer reports. reports. ((pat on camm)consumer reports asked its readers to rate them along with prescription and over-the-couuter medications &pfor dozen different ailments. (v/o)jonathan goldderg says the adjustments he received from chiropractoo lawrence -3 stern relieved agonizing back pain he suffered aftee lifting an air conditioner. and he - says he avoided back surgery one doctor told him hh might need. (sot: jonathan goldbbrg) smallest recurrence of anything other than stiffness for over eight yeaas now." (v/o)consumer reports' survey of its readers ound hands-on trratments suuh as chiropractic andddeep-tissuee massage helped relieve back paai, neck pain, and 3 case of bbcc ain, prescription medicine. (sot
10:54 pm
3 williamsconsumer eports (sot) -3 ""ixty-five percent of those surveyed using chiropractic treatments for back pain said they helped a lot. only 53 percenn using prescription mediiatioos found them as helpful." (v/o)half offthose who sed deepp-issue massage or yoga found they helped a lot for osteoarthritis. the -3survey results indicatee that both were almoot on par with prescription medicatioo. but national reseaach center survey, alternative treatmentt were not found to be as 3 medical conditions.take depressioo. yoga or meditatioon & helped about 35 percent. in -3 contrast, 70 percent of those using ppescriptioo medication 3 (v/o)and as for colds, flu, -3& and allergies? prescciptton meds were deemee much more & helpful than nutrrtional sspplementsslikk vitamin c. ((oo ccm))so alternative treatment in some cases may 3 advises checking with your &pdoctor first. pat news at ten
10:55 pm
3 one would be more hard-pressed &pto remember a more dramaaic day in baltimore footballl you've heardd the lookout ended today...the new cba ccmes with a salary cap..the ravens didn't have & much space uuder it...afttr this evening, they have a lot of space...maybe ssmuch as 24 get there, four big name players haav been eleased.. released.. 3 and that includes the top two pass catchers in 3 todd heap were both cut this evening...that move alone created over 9 million in cap & room...mason joiied the ravens in 2005 and caught 470 passes, most in ravens history, for 57- hundred 77 yards, also moss in pavens histtry... since then..last season, he became &pthe 13th player to top the 900 catch mark.. & heap issthe ravens alltime leader in recieving touchdowns with 41 and is seciond o &pmason in both reccptions andd -3 yards...the team's umber one draat pick in 2001, heap was sshedulee to make .6 million, which appprentlyyspelled his
10:56 pm
baltimore...buttit miiht not be the very end...sources say the ravens could re-sign booh - heap and mason if they aaree to smaller contracts.... 3 running bacc willis mc gahee is also casualty....t's nott exactly a surprise, he was due to makeearound 6 million this & season in the final year of his contractt.the 29 year old mc gahee was acquired in a - trade with buffalo, but became a backup with the arrival of ray rice...his bess yearrwas in 07, whee he rushed for ooer 3& veteran d-lineman kelly gregg also cut...we'll ave more on ttis monday massacre ...coming up in sorts unlimited at 11.... 3&phold the mustarrd...the exotic pingredients that top off ttii pricey dog. 3&pa rough ride for thiss man....dragggddby a moving pehicle....what's in the car ...that keeps him holding on... 3 3 pucas says: "taking theii uniforms of and swinging them round."
10:57 pm
arrund." &p3 bad behavior from city workkrs -33 ... why goong to a car wash &pwater... 3 parget your trouble advice.. frrm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
3 in massachussetts .... to -3 enjoy the taste of one of your ballpark favorites, you will & have to shell out 80-bucks!

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